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Chimney: A vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building. This is the definition of chimney from the latest edition of the webster dictionary. Did you know that in America, there are basically two types of chimneys. The two types of chimneys are masonry and pre-fabricated.

Masonry chimney are constructed with typical brick. The exterior of the chimney and internal components are composed of masonry construction. The interior sections are usually built with terra-cotta flue tiles and secured together with fire mortar. These flue liners are designed to contain high temperature smoke and gases and safely pass them through the combustable sections of the residence. Usually brick chimneys become damaged due to long periods of exposure to weather. the chimney is the only section of a residence that is not covered by roof or eves.

Pre-fabricated chimney are usually stainless steel sections which are pieced together and surrounded by a wooden chase. Many of the pre-fabricated fireplaces are one section. The fireplace unit is connected to the double or triple wall stainless steel pipe which travel above the roofline. The interior components are usually hidden by vinyl siding. The very top portion of the chimney is covered with a chimney chase cover constructed with sheet metal. Since this sheet metal is exposed to the elements, may time this chase cover will rust and eventually leak water to the interior components of the pre-fabricated chimney.
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